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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I thought I'd put this out there that my rpg group is currently at four players so I'm searching for a couple of folks in the savannah area that are wanting to join up.
We play a wide variety of games and we're always up for something new.

New Game

So, the problem I've been having within my gaming group is not that difficult to understand; I love comic book rpgs. Well, the problem is that half of my current group are girls who don't read comics. You'd think with the current spate of comic book films hitting the multiplexes that it would be easy to get them interested.
Well, you'd think wrong.
So, third time's the charm, this time I tried a fresh idea that will hopefully keep them interested.
The new setting/campaign I started this last Saturday is called The Line. Its about a city, tentatively called Chicago unless I find that a bit too limiting, that is under seige by supernatural and paranormal forces beyond the ability of human agency to cope with.
Some of these groups and individuals have greater purposes. The end result is the same though, the very heart of the city, its spirit, is being stretched and torn at and pulled to its breaking point.
On a special night, when the evil tide is rising, the city pushes back.
Individuals who died protecting the city and its people are brought back, with abilities related to how they died.
First session went okay, not as well structured as I normally do but I'll work harder for the next one.
If you'd like to give a listen, its up at my site, here
Stop on by and post here about what you think, or any ideas or the like.
Thanks for stopping by.

Greetings and welcome

Welcome aboard!
I decided to start a new blog for my site and my efforts as well as to talk about my gaming experiences and thoughts on movies, books, and other things.