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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fresh Audio

Well, after being sick all weekend, (and still managing to get a session of The Road in with my local group), I've finally got my Dragoncon audio up.
I also am almost all caught up on new sessions of The Road: Tales from Route 66.
More to talk about later.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a week!

Well, I didn't update before I left but I'm back from Dragoncon.
Thanks to some good friends, I was able to make the trip. It was a great time and I ran some games for some wonderful folks. There were some familar faces and some new ones and once again I was just blown away by the creativity that these fine gamers could cook up with just a few minutes to think about a pre-made character just handed to them.
I ran one session of Call of Cthulhu, a tie-in to my current campaign; Route 66. I'm still trying to cook up a catchy name.
I also ran two sessions of Mutants and Masterminds.
Aaaaaand I finally got to play Spirit of the Century. The game was Ghostbusters 1884 and it was an absolute blast. There were some battery issues with the recorder on that one but nothing was lost.
I've had a bit of con crud the last couple of days but I should have the audio of my games up tonight.
I'll post when they're ready.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A hiccup and dissapointments

Well, I ran over a curb and bent a control arm under my car. Hello six hundred bucks in repairs, and goodbye to Dragoncon. Just no way I can swing it. So, I have my vacation scheduled for me to go and I have to spend all my con funds on auto repairs.
I'm going to be sitting at home without my car and not working while Con is going on. Bleah.
I haven't missed one in a dozen years and I am, of course, upset, but I was a bit doubtful about how good a time I was going to have.
This was going to be the first year I was going alone and I was just not sure I'd have a good time by myself.
Well, next year I'm thinking of trying Gen-Con, and I'll try to get a group of folks to go too. Here's hoping.