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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dresden from Dragoncon2

Here is the second Dresden Files RPG recording from Dragoncon. Enjoy.

Dresden Files, my experience

I went into Dragoncon with one real intention this year: to get to try the Dresden Files RPG. What really helped me get into the games I wanted to was a combination of two things. One, that Dragoncon closed pre-reg very early this year, enabling me to have a chance to register on site. Two, just showing up at the alloted times for the sessions to start. I got lucky and had some drops in the Dresden game I wanted to play.
My only dissapointment? I couldn't get any of my local friends to sit in with me.
Hopefully these recordings will give them an idea of the game.
I played it twice under two different gms with two different styles. The first was Michael Thompson, who I played Spirit of The Century under last year. He's the one that ran the Ghostbusters 1885 game thats in the recordings.
He presented the system beautifully. The character folders he handed out have inspired me to step up my own games and made the game a wonderful experience.
I wasn't playing a mage in the first game, so I didn't really get a grip on how it works. Not the down and dirty but its discussed in detail in the recording.
The second game was run by Stephen Thompson, no relation. I played with him in the Ghostbusters game last year and he is, quite possibly, the most wild and enthusiastic player I've ever met.
He GMs a great game, very cinematic. I'll post that one in just a second.
Give 'em both a listen.

Dresden from Dragoncon

Here's my first experience with Dresden Files from Dragoncon 2010 this past Labor Day Weekend.
I'll talk about it more in the next post.